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“As a result of mergers and acquisitions, the New York Stock Exchange has migrated over the last few years from HP-UX to IBM AIX to Sun Solaris to Linux. NYSE Group CIO Steve Rubinow said, "Red Hat is like water; it's pervasive within our architecture. ... Without it, most of our computers wouldn't be running." ”
- Information Week, 14 May 2008

“Almost half of the world's large businesses will favour Linux for their mission-critical applications by the end of 2011 … the powerful trend of acceptance and legitimisation of Linux for mission-critical environments indicates that a very large portion of the next generation will be built on Linux.”
- PC Pro Networks/Servers, 2 Jan 2007

Using Linux rather than Windows servers in your organisation can bring you a number of tangible benefits.

  • Price - Open Source Software is free!
  • Security - Linux systems have consistently proved themselves to be more secure by design than Windows systems
  • Reliablility - Server uptimes of over a year have been the norm in the Linux world
  • Flexibility - With Open Source Software we can always extend and improve the software without the need for costly licenses

As proof that Linux is more than capable of handling the most demanding situations, consider this Information Week article which describes how the New York Stock Exchange has migrated from IBM/AIX and Solaris to Red Hat Enterprise Linux over the past few years.

EasySoft's engineers have over a decade of experience in using Linux systems, and have developed complete Linux-based solutions that provide all the same functionality - and more! - used by most organisations on Windows Platforms, but at a fraction of the cost. As an added bonus you also benefit from the reliability and security that the Linux platform brings.

A Detailed Comparison

Below we list the advantages and disadvantages of each solution, so that you can evaluate for yourself which approach best meets your needs.

Linux-based Solution

  • Software is completely free
  • Generally more robust and resistant to viruses and hackers (if properly configured and updated)
  • Performance is often better, particularly on lower spec hardware
  • Cheaper Virus-scanners can be utilised
  • Remote Administration is far more refined and effective
  • There are not as many qualified technical personnel (yet)
  • Some Commercial Software Offerings may not be available

Windows-based Solution

  • There are many qualified technical personnel who can take responsibility of the system in the future
  • Software is widely used
  • Well supported by other commercial Software Providers
  • Software License fees: There are many aspects to this that must be considered. There are the Operating System licenses, then the Database License, then Anti-Virus Software licenses (which are usually charged per mailbox in a mail server scenario), and then Application Software licenses
  • More prone to viruses and security-related attacks
  • More familiar to hackers, both from within and without
  • Commercial Support can be very expensive
  • Remote Administration can be awkward
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