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serversServer Setups & Networking

A network is created when two or more computers are connected to share information and resources. Networks can improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of office work by allowing you to:

Store commonly used files on a shared drive for easier access
Store files in electronic form to reduce printing costs and paper waste
Share resources, such as hard drives, printers, scanners, etc., to get more use out of office equipment
Share your business data using a database system
Share software with multi-user licenses
Perform data backups quicker and easier with files on shared drives
Give co-workers access to view files on your hard drive from their computer

EasySoft has considerable expertise in setting up Servers for various uses:

File Servers providing Network Logins and Roaming Profiles
Mail Servers with advanced Outlook integration and Webmail
Firewalls and Web Content Filters
Web Servers

We specialise in using Linux, which has many advantages over Windows-based servers. Look at our Linux vs Windows comparison for details.

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